Real Estate Investments

We present our section for the development of real estate assets. With this we want to give every user an opportunity to access real estate investments in a simple, fast way and also with all the advantages provided by blockchain technology.

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Token investhome benefits:

Obtaining a % of return on real estate investments.

Reducción de costes de administración y notaría para la transmisión de participaciones.

Reducción del tiempo en realizar gestiones.

Reducción de la conflictividad societaria y litigios judiciales.

Fiabilidad y trazabilidad exacta de transacciones y transferencias financieras.

Información siempre accesible desde cualquier lugar.

Disponible 24/7.


Access to Investhome

To access the different categories and be able to participate in the development of the different real estate promotions, it will be necessary to have an XREN token according to the category you want to access. 

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Promociones Xperiend


Tokens are easier to transfer and trade. This allows users to have more flexibility when participating in the development of real estate assets.


Lower cost

Tokenization makes it possible to reduce transaction and management costs, since everything is done digitally. This makes the real estate market more efficient.

Thanks to blockchain technology, a plus can be given in terms of traceability and transparency.
Mundo Xperiend


Tokenization allows more people to access this market, since entry costs are lower.

In addition, it allows reaching markets around the world. It does not matter where you do it from or how far you want to go, because with tokenization all this is possible


Accessible Information

For each real estate project, Xperiend provides a dashboard where you can see the documents, chat service, operations, membership book, voting in decision-making meetings, distribution of company dividends and the possibility of liquidity in terms of being able to put your shares for sale. 

All these processes and documents are registered in the Stellar blockchain, which we use as a network oriented to the movement of financial assets.


Xperiend + Stocken Capital

Stocken Capital facilitates the trading of company shares using blockchain technology. The user will be able to buy XHOME through a payment entity regulated by the Bank of Spain. In this way, users will become full partners with full legal guarantees, being able to both participate in its management and transfer their position in the company.

We offer different types of investments

with the highest possible returns to our investors.

Projects of terraced houses or semi-detached houses in a medium-high range.


Luxury villa projects with the highest quality and prime locations.


Large-scale projects, such us residential building.


Category with large real estate projects for urban complexes or large housing developments.