NFT Xperiend

Another way to enjoy your NFT!

Another way to enjoy your NFT!

We present our NFT, a unique concept, never seen before, because of the advantages it offers to the owner.

These are linked to different real estate assets and through them, you will have the right to use and enjoy these properties for a certain period of time.

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Use and enjoyment of houses

Our NFT Xperiend are linked to 4 properties which you could enjoy in a given period for 4 years depending on the type of NFT acquired.

Each collection is made up of 46 NFTs, and will have two exclusive NFTs. The difference between them will be the length of stay in the property, for the exclusive ones it will be 12 days and for the rest 6 days.

Enjoy them in June, July or August!!!!!


Reward multiplier

Thanks to our Xperiend NFTs you can obtain greater rewards by using them as a multiplier, you only have to access our STAKE section and add it to the XREN tokens you have deposited.

Each NFT is a surprise box and until it is purchased you will not know the kind of multiplier you will get.

Promociones Xperiend

Access to categories and promotions

Being in possession of one of these NFTs will give you access to different promotions and events. As well as being in possession of them will give you access to more exclusive NFTs.



Our Marketplace will give users the possibility to sell their NFTs, to buy new NFTs even from other users, with the options of buying now or auction as the owner decides.


Access NFT

This is where our XREN token comes into play as it is the key to access the purchase of NFTs

Depending on the XREN token number that you have accumulated, you can access the different collections  



Through advances in technology and the project road map we will integrate the traditional world of real estate assets into metaverses, bringing both worlds together to provide an innovative product to our users and investors.